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The 4 Things Mothers Most Want
From Their Adult Children for Mother's Day

from MY MOTHER, MY FRIEND: The 10 Most Important Things to Talk About With Your Mother by Mary Marcdante
(A Fireside Original/Simon & Schuster Trade Paperbacks/April 2001/$12.00)


More than 150 million greeting cards are exchanged every Mother’s Day.  It’s the number one gift given to mothers followed by flowers, plants, clothing and jewelry. All the major long-distance companies say Mother’s Day is their busiest day of the year. They log 130 million calls compared to a normal Sunday of 90 million. When the U.S. Postal Service did a poll last year, 62 percent of the survey group said they normally visit their mom on Mother’s Day.

But what does Mom really want?  In a recent national retailers' poll of mothers, 49 percent of mothers expected flowers; 13 percent said they wanted them. It’s presence, not presents, that count.

In MY MOTHER, MY FRIEND: The Ten Most Important Things to Talk About with Your Mother  (A Fireside Original/Simon & Schuster Trade Paperbacks; April 10, 2001;  $12.00; 0-684-86606-4) author Mary Marcdante interviewed over 400 mothers and daughters. Her research shows that mothers said flowers and candy and other material gifts were nice, but the gift of spending time with them had the most lasting memory. There were four types of appreciation mothers said they wanted most:


         Kindness in words and actions

         Captured memories

         Services that improve the quality of her life

Marcdante is a communication and stress-management expert who presents programs concerning women’s health and self care. In MY MOTHER MY FRIEND she guides readers through the process of changing patterns of communication and, ultimately, your relationship to your mother and yourself.   Through questions, exercises, sample dialogues, and communication techniques you will learn how to talk to your mother, woman to woman, about the issues of life and death and everything in between including money, aging, family secrets, romance and intimacy, and self-image and beauty.

Unique in style, tone, and content, MY MOTHER, MY FRIEND takes the reader beyond theory and anecdote, and gives adult daughters insights and strategies they need in order to see their mothers as people worth knowing and celebrating.


MARY MARCDANTE is a communication and stress management expert.  Since starting her speaking and training company in 1980, she has spoken to over 200,000 people around the world.  Her corporate and association clients include Hewlett-Packard, National Association for Women’s Health, and Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance.  She lives in Del Mar, California.  For more information, contact www.mmymothermyfriend.com or www.simonsays.com

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The Ten Most Important Things to Talk About With Your Mother
Mary Marcdante
A Fireside Original/Simon & Schuster Trade Paperbacks
April 2001
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