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12 Unique Activities to Celebrate
Your Mom on Motherís Day

from MY MOTHER, MY FRIEND by Mary Marcdante
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If you've ever struggled with finding the perfect gift for Mom for Mother's Day, here are 12 creative ways to celebrate Mom this year. If you don't have time to actually plan the activity for this for Mother's Day, create a handmade gift certificate including your idea and then plan the details together.

  • Plan a surprise party for Motherís Day (or her birthday) that includes all her favorite friends and their daughters and have them bring their favorite dessert with the recipe

  • Make an audiotape or videotape of all the things you love about her and give it to her

  • Schedule a spa day, manicure, pedicure, or massage

  • Make her a scrapbook of photos and poems

  • Create a memory box filled with individual notes of pleasurable memories

  • Instead of just giving her flowers, take her to the local botanical garden or garden store and let her pick out a favorite plant you plant for her in her garden

  • Get her a laptop computer and a gift certificate for weekly lessons and meet at either of your homes or a cafe for a change of pace

  • Give her a gift certificate for a service that will improve the quality of her life

  • Lawn mowing, snow plowing

  • Grocery delivery, housecleaning

  • Driving her to her doctor appointments

  • A senior yoga or exercise class

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