Inspire People to Positive Action and Extraordinary Results!

Living with Enthusiasm

A Powerful Keynote, Breakout Session, or Half-Day Seminar  

  •   Inspire Your Attendees To Positive Choices and Action within 24 hours

  •   Recommit Them to Their Values and Focus Them on Their Strengths

  •   Reconnect Them to Their Teammates, and Your Mission and Objectives

Discover the Best In Yourself and You'll Discover the Best in Everyone Else.
Mary Marcdante
Communication Expert
Author & Speaker
1500+  presentations

Mary's Program, Living with Enthusiasm is about helping people focus on what’s right with the world and themselves. It's about helping people go for the gusto in all that they do and triumph over fear, self-doubt and feelings of guilt and inadequacy. It's about helping people keep creativity, passion, and joy alive at work and home, especially in difficult times – and more importantly – that it is critical to their health, family, career, and future that they do so.  

You'll be amazed at what you learn about smiling in this book!
Mary’s New Book
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“Your message was inspirational and fit perfectly with the theme of our program. Moreover, your enthusiasm and interaction with the audience was outstanding. 
~ Jeffrey Schwall, President & CEO, Time Warner Cable

Program Objectives and Benefits

n        Highlights the dramatic impact enthusiasm has on participants' health, relationships, career, personal fulfillment and level of success. Mary shares interviews of inspiring people, provocative research, practical strategies, and actively involves the audience. Uplifting, entertaining, and life-changing.


n        Offers explicit self-motivating techniques and candid questions attendees can implement immediately to increase personal performance including the "16-Second Smile," "Factor of Five," "Act as If," and "What Would You Take?"


n        Motivates people to make healthier choices, reduce their stress, and increase their level of life enjoyment. Mary shares the healing journey she and her clients have been on since researching and personally experiencing the medical benefits of positive psychology, laughter, and building a support community.


n       Encourages participants to face their fears and step into their dreams through inspired action as evidenced in the remarkable story of Mary’s solo cross country move, near-drowning and encounter with wild dolphins, and the publication of her first book 

      My Mother, My Friend by a major publisher.


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Professional Speaker/Author
For speaking engagements contact:      (858) 792-6786      P.O. Box 2529      Del Mar, CA 92014

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